• Theinvisiblehotdog

    Gonna make it tomorrow. Planning:

    Bulgarian: Американски татко

    Czech: Americký táta

    Dutch: American Dad!

    English: American Dad!

    French: American Dad!

    German: American Dad!

    Hebrew: אבא אמריקאי

    Hungarian: Amerikai fater

    Italian: American Dad!

    Latvian: Amerikietiškas tėvelis

    Polish: Amerykański tata

    Portuguese (Brazil): American Dad!

    Spanish (Mexico): Un Agente de Familia

    Spanish (Spain): Padre Made in USA

    Ukrainian: Американський тато!

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  • Palettepony895

    Update 4-7-17

    April 7, 2017 by Palettepony895
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  • Winx789

    sailor moon dubs

    January 8, 2017 by Winx789

    Sailor Moon is Japanese anime created by:Naoko Takeuchu,Toei Animetions and Viz Media.Here is list who dubbed Sailor Moon:

    LANGUEGE CHANEL     TITLE NAME Languege Chanel Title name

    Albanian Bang Bang  Luftëtarja e Hënës




    Azerbaijani(voice-over) Gunestv Seylor Mun






    Czarodziejka z Księżyca

    Bulgarian(voice-over) Super7 Unknow



    TV4 Czarodziejka z Księżyca

    Cantonese chinese(TVB) TVB 美少女戰士 Polish(anime eden) Anime EDEN Czarodziejka z Księżyca

    Cantonese chinese(VCD) VCD 美少女戰士



    A2 Морнарки на Месечината

    Croation Novatv Mjesečeva ratnica


    Marina chanel and Pepa


    Marina chanel

    Pepa(other dub )


    Морнарки на Месечината

    Bišódžo sen…

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  • SM6789


    January 7, 2017 by SM6789

    Sailor Moon is Japanes anime created by Naoko Takeuchi,Toei Animetions,and Viz Media.Here is list of dubs who dubbed

    LANGUEGE                          CHANEL                  TITLE NAME        

    Albanian                           Bang Bang               Luftëtarja e Hënës     

    Azerbaijani                  Gunes Tv            Seylor Mun voice-over

    Bulgarian 2seasons                     Super7                  Unknow      voice-over

    Catalan                          K3                         Sailor Moon

    Croation                         NovaTv                   Mjesečeva ratnica

    Danish                                 DR1                              Sailor Moon

    Dutch                                    TV4,Cartoon Network    Sailor Moon 

    English        …

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  • Bubic Einstein

    This is alink i found while I was looking for dubs! -

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  • PascalTopia

    Since Many Albanian Dubs are lost by now i think we should all unite and search them togehter ! 

    So If you want to join and help me here is a link to the group : Read more >
  • BowDownToAbsorbency


    July 12, 2016 by BowDownToAbsorbency

    first blog post hi

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  • Palettepony895

    Azerbaijani 1 26
    Cantonese (ViuTV) 2 Read more >
  • Palettepony895

    Wikia tests

    June 30, 2016 by Palettepony895
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  • Palettepony895

    |main_char2 = Ruby |main_char2t = unknown |main_char2v = unknown

    |main_char3 = Sapphire |main_char3t = unknown |main_char3v = unknown

    |main_char4 = Amethyst |main_char4t = unknown |main_char4v = unknown

    |main_char5 = Pearl |main_char5t = unknown |main_char5v = unknown

    |group1 = FUSIONS |group1_char1 = Alexandrite |group1_char1t = unknown |group1_char1v = unknown

    |group1_char2 = Cluster Gems |group1_char2w = Cluster_Gems |group1_char2t = unknown |group1_char2v = unknown

    |group1_char3 = Garnet |group1_char3t = unknown |group1_char3v = unknown

    |group1_char4 = Opal |group1_char4t = unknown |group1_char4v = unknown

    |group1_char5 = Rainbow Quartz |group1_char5w = Rainbow_Quartz |group1_char5t = unknown |group1_char5v = unknown

    |group1_char6 = Sardonyx |group1_char6t = unknow…

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  • PascalTopia

    So yeah its been 2 Weeks :/ Amazon is Pure S*** 

    So i bought DVDs and VHSs from EBay ! and they are arriving tommorow because Today is a Holiday in Germany and the Mail doesnt come 

    I Bought these VHS and DVDs :

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  • PascalTopia

    GREAT NEWS !!!

    May 12, 2016 by PascalTopia

    I cant believe it ! , I finally found a guy who can sell me German Arthur DVDS ! :) :) I watched the Dub as a Kid but i didnt had a vhs recorder back then so i finally found it ! , I upload Episodes to Vimeo soon ! . 

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  • PascalTopia

    Hi ! , Its Mew :3 uhh... i mean me again !

    So it was in febuary 2016 when i discovered there was an Albanian Mew Mew Dub Clips on YouTube

    His Channel :

    (VajzatYugiSailorMjau´s Channel is gone for whatever reason)

    These clips he/her uploaded seemed pretty fake to o me 1.He Uploaded Only Clips Where there was nobody speaking | 2.The Logo Seems Pretty Pasted.

    But a Month Later i discovered a post by the Tring TV Albania :

    Too bad the Link is down now 

    But on the Albanian Wikipedia of the Channel Bang Bang

    Its Labbled as  " Fuqia Mjau Mjau "

    @_@ So is there now an Albanian Dub ? , Im Confused....

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  • PascalTopia

    The Album za sličice Text is still there lets fix this !

    Voila ! 

    The Družina Mjau-Mjau Logo in all its glory :) !

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  • Palettepony895

    These are credits from the Arabic dub of SpongeBob. If you can type the credits in either Arabic, English, or both (doing either is recommended), then that would be appreciated.

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  • Palettepony895

    International sites

    January 19, 2016 by Palettepony895

    Website Language Notes
    Cartoons Serbia English

    Charguigou English

    Website Language Notes
    Behind the Voice Actors English

    Website Language Notes
    Crtaći -- Srpski i Hrvatski Wiki English

    Website Language Notes
    Anime News Network English Read more >
  • Palettepony895

    Arabic (مغامرات دورا)
    No. English Name Arabic Name Link(s)
    S01E01 The Legend of the Big Red Chicken TBA arabyvideos #1
    arabyvideos #2
    S01E02 Lost and Found TBA arabyvideos #1
    arabyvideos #2
    S01E03 Hic-Boom-Ohhh TBA arabyvideos #1
    arabyvideos #2
    S01E04 Beaches TBA arabyvideos #1
    arabyvideos #2
    S01E05 We All Scream for Ice Cream TBA arabyvideos
    S01E06 Choo Choo TBA arabyvideos #1
    arabyvideos #2
    S01E09 The Big River TBA arabyvideos
    S01E11 Berry Hunt TBA arabyvideos
    S01E12 Surprise TBA arabyvideos
    S01E13 Grandma's House TBA arabyvideos
    S01E14 Sticky Tape TBA arabyvideos
    S01E15 Bouncing Ball TBA arabyvideos
    S01E16 Backpack! TBA arabyvideos
    S01E17 Bugga Bugga TBA arabyvideos
    S01E18 Fish Out of Water TBA arabyvideos
    S03E02 Meet Diego! TBA arabyvideos #1
    arabyvideos #2
    S03E19 Dora's Pirate Adventure TBA…

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  • Palettepony895

    Recommended Wiki's

    September 5, 2015 by Palettepony895

    • Anime News Network
    • Behind The Voice Actors
    • Cartoons Serbia
    • Charguigou
    • Crtaći -- Srpski i Hrvatski Wiki
    • Disney International Dubbing
    • Hindi Dubbing Wiki
    • Sailor Moon Dub Wiki
    • Voice Acting Wiki

    • ويكي الدبلجة المصرية

    • Dubs Wiki

    • אישים

    • Hindi Dubbing Wiki

    • Dubbingpedia

    • Doblaje Wiki

    • El Doblaje

    • Dubbningshemsidan

    • DubYardigans

    • FrocuSat
    • KingOfSat
    • LyngSat

    • FrocuSat

    • Movistar+

    • Logopedia Wiki
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  • Palettepony895

    فینیس و فرب

    Season 1
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