Kod Lioko is the Serbian dub of Code Lyoko that is airing on Ultra.

Channel history


Starting from 2008, "Kod Lioko" airs on Ultra. It aired 5 years from the original premiere.


Character name Serbian voice actor
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English Name Serbian Name Serbian Voice Actor
Yumi Ishiyama Jumi Išijama Flag of Serbia Andrijana Oliverić
Odd Della Robbia Od Dela Robija Flag of Serbia Srđan Jovanović
Ulrich Stern Ulrik Stern Flag of Serbia Jakov Jevtović
Jeremie Belpois Džeremi Belpoa Flag of Serbia Miloš Đuričić
Elisabeth Delmas Elizabeta Delmas Flag of Serbia Mariana Aranđelović
Aelita Schaeffer Aelita Šefer Flag of Serbia Nataša Balog

Additional voices include Bora Nenić. Template:Code Lyoko

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