Season 1

Laughter song - Hungarian01:04

Laughter song - Hungarian

Laughter Song
Pinkie's Gala Fantasy Song - Hungarian00:50

Pinkie's Gala Fantasy Song - Hungarian

Pinkie's Gala Fantasy Song
The Ticket song - Hungarian00:19

The Ticket song - Hungarian

The Ticket Song
Hop, Skip and Jump! - Hungarian00:19

Hop, Skip and Jump! - Hungarian

Hop, Skip and Jump Song
Winter Wrap Up - Hungarian03:09

Winter Wrap Up - Hungarian

Winter Wrap Up
Cupcakes - Hungarian00:27

Cupcakes - Hungarian

Cupcake Song
Art Of The Dress (including reprise) - Hungarian04:00

Art Of The Dress (including reprise) - Hungarian

Art of the Dress
Hush Now Lullaby - Hungarian00:47

Hush Now Lullaby - Hungarian

Hush Now Lullaby
Cutie Mark Crusaders Song - Hungarian02:08

Cutie Mark Crusaders Song - Hungarian

Cutie Mark Crusaders Song
You Got To Share, You Got To Care - Hungarian01:08

You Got To Share, You Got To Care - Hungarian

You Got to Share, You Got to Care
So Many Wonders - Hungarian00:45

So Many Wonders - Hungarian

So Many Wonders
Pinkie Pie's Singing Telegram - Hungarian00:37

Pinkie Pie's Singing Telegram - Hungarian

Pinkie Pie's Singing Telegram
At The Gala - Hungarian03:09

At The Gala - Hungarian

At the Gala
I'm At The Grand Galopping Gala - Hungarian00:27

I'm At The Grand Galopping Gala - Hungarian

I'm at the Grand Galloping Gala
Pony Pokey - Hungarian01:20

Pony Pokey - Hungarian

Pony Pokey

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