My Little Pony: Vennskap er ren magi is the Norwegian dub of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. It has previously aired on Boomerang and Cartoon Network, and it's currently airing on Nickelodeon (Norway) and Nickelodeon (Scandinavia).

Channel history


Starting from 2011-09-26, "My Little Pony: Vennskap er ren magi" airs on Boomerang. It aired 11 months and 26 days from the original premiere. After season 2 though, the show moved to Nickelodeon, where they'd reair previous episodes.

Nickelodeon Norway

"My Little Pony: Vennskap er ren magi" airs on Nickelodeon since the premiere of season 3. It have broadcasted all seasons and films, since the start.


Character name Norwegian voice actor
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English Name Norwegian Name Norwegian Voice Actor
Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle Tiril Heide-Steen
Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash Anniken Marie Nielsen
Applejack Applejack Siri Nilsen
(season 1)
Malin Pettersen
(seasons 2–3)
Rarity Rarity Hanne Dancke Arnesen
(season 1)
Anine Kruse
(seasons 2–3)
Fluttershy Fluttershy Dina Padoin
(season 1)
Stine S. Jensen
(seasons 2–3)
Pinkie Pie Pinkie Pie Hanne Dancke Arnesen
(seasons 1–2)
Agnes Fasting
(season 3)
Spike Spike Lena Meieran


  • Seasons 1 though 3 have been released on DVDs.