My Little Pony: Ystävyyden taikaa (also known as My Little Pony on FOX Kids and My Little Pony: Vänskapens magi on Nelonen Nappula's Swedish schedule) is the Finnish dub of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic that is airing on FOX on the FOX Kids block, Nelonen Perhe and Nelonen Nappula.

Channel history

Nelonen Nappula

Nelonen Nappula airs My Little Pony: Ystävyyden taikaa.


Character name Finnish voice actor
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Princess Celestia - Prinsessa Celestia
Princess Luna - Prinsessa Luna

Voice actors

Henni-Liisa Stam as Twilight Sparkle [1]
Katja Sirkiä as Rainbow Dash, Spike (episodes 6 - 15), Sapphire Shores, and additional voices
Saara Lehtonen as Pinkie Pie and additional voices
Annituuli Kasurinen as Applejack, Spitfire (seasons 2 - 3), and additional voices
Taru Tikkanen as Rarity and Lightning Dust
Susa Saukko as Fluttershy, Apple Bloom,[2] and Sweetie Belle
Sari Ann Moilanen as Scootaloo,[3] Spike (episodes 27 - 52), Prinsessa Luna (season 2), and additional voices
Kiti Kokkonen as Spike (episodes 1 - 5 and 18 - 26), Goldie Delicious, Spitfire (season 1), and additional voices
Katja Aakkula as Prinsessa Celestia (episodes 2 - 16 and 27 - 52), and additional voices
Ella Pyhältö as Prinsessa Celestia (episodes 22 - 26), Nightmare Moon/Prinsessa Luna (episodes 1 and 2), Zecora, Maud Pie, and additional voices
Pasi Ruohonen as Discord (season 2) and additional voices
Markus Bäckman as Discord (seasons 3 - 4), Lordi Tirek, and additional voices
Antti L. J. Pääkkönen as Braeburn, Shining Armor, Soarin, and additional voices
Yasmine Yamajako as Trixie, Cheerilee, and additional voices
Petri Hanttu as Discord (season 5) and additional voices
Ilari Hämäläinen as Big McIntosh and additional voices
Eeva Markkinen, Teuvo Matala, Kari Tamminen, Pinja Hanski, Taru Enonen, and Tarja Alexander as additional voices


  • Seasons 1 though 3 have been released on DVDs.



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