Shëtitësi i universit is the Albanian dub of Wander Over Yonder that is airing on Bang Bang. The title cards (including the show title card) are localized into Albanian. The songs in this dub are usually subtitled in Albanian, excluding the theme song which has none(specify?).

The episodes are paired together by their original production order. The dub shows the original credits as well, with a 4 second clip saying "Realizimi ne shqip: NGS Recording" (Adaptation in Albanian: NGS Recording).

Channel history

Bang Bang

Shëtitësi i universit was broadcast on Bang Bang since 2016-08-01 at 15:45 GMT. In promos, the show was named "Shëtitësi i vogël". Despite the dub being in 16:9, the channel stretches it to 4:3.


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