Space Goofs (also known as Home to Rent) is a sci-fi comedy French-American cartoon that aired on Fox Kids in the United States from 1997 to 1999 before airing on other channels across the globe from 2002 to 2007.

Five aliens from the planet Zigma B, Etno, Bud, Candy, Gorgious, and Stereo (who would later be removed from the main cast in the second season) make a crash landing on Earth after a failure with their UFO's brakes causes them to crash into an asteroid. There, they take refuge in an old, abandoned house put up for rent and prevent humans from knowing their true species by using a machine called the SMTV to transform themselves like them and attempting to drive anybody out of the house with their wild, but heroic antics.


Character name English voice actor
104px Etno Polino Flag of Canada Maurice LaMarche
English phonetics missing
104px Bud Budiovitch Flag of the United States Jeff Bennett (1st season)
Flag of the United States Louis Garneau (2nd season)
English phonetics missing
104px Candy Caramella Flag of the United States Charlie Adler
English phonetics missing
104px Gorgious Klatoo Flag of the United States Danny Mann
English phonetics missing
104px Stereo Monovici Flag of the United States Jeff Bennett (1st season)
Flag of the United States Charlie Adler (2nd season)
English phonetics missing

International versions

Language Title Channels
Space Goofs - logo (English) Catalan Els Pirats de l'espai
Catalan phonetics missing
Club Super3
K3 (formerly)
Super3 (formerly)
Space Goofs - logo (English) Dutch Space Goofs
Dutch phonetics missing
Space Goofs - logo (English) Estonian Kosmosetobud
Estonian phonetics missing
Space Goofs - logo (French) French Les Zinzins de l'espace
[le zɛ̃zɛ̃ de lespɑs]
Gulli (France)
France 3 (France, formerly)
Teletoon (Canada, formerly)
2M (Morocco, formerly)
Space Goofs - logo (German) German Ein Heim für Aliens
[eːɪn heːɪm fʏʁ ɛːl̩iːɛns]
ProSieben (formerly)
Space Goofs - logo (English) Greek Space Goofs
Greek phonetics missing
Makedonia TV (formerly)[1]
Space Goofs - logo (English) Hebrew חלולים בחלל
[hlvlym bhll]
Arutz HaYeladim
Space Goofs - logo (English) Italian Space Goofs: Vicini troppo vicini!
Italian phonetics missing
Italia 1 (formerly)
Space Goofs - logo (English) Portuguese (Brazil) Space Goofs
Portuguese phonetics missing
Fox Kids (1st season, formerly)
Locomotion (1st season, formerly)
Jetix (2nd season, formerly)
Space Goofs - logo (English) Portuguese (Portugal) Patetas do Espaço
[pɐtɛtaʃ dɔ espɐso]
Panda Biggs (formerly)
Space Goofs - logo (Russian) Russian Инопланетяне
Gulli (formerly)
Space Goofs - logo (English) Spanish (Latin America) Casa de Mutantes (1st season)
[kasa de mutantes]
Magic Kids (Argentina, formerly)
Global TV (Peru, formerly)
Paravisión (Paraguay, formerly)
Locomotion (formerly)
Space Goofs - logo (English) Spanish (Latin America) Visitantes del Espacio (2nd season)
[βisitantes del espaθio]
Jetix (formerly)
Space Goofs - logo (English) Spanish (Spain) Los Pirados del Espacio
[los piɾados del espaθio]
Canal+ (formerly)
La 2 (formerly)
Space Goofs - logo (English) Ukrainian
Новий канал (formerly)