SpynjBob Pantsgwâr is the Welsh dub of SpongeBob SquarePants that is airing on Sianel Pedwar Cymru.

Channel history


SpynjBob Pantsgwâr airs on UK's Welsh language channel S4C. It also takes part in Stwnsh, a segment that is dedicated for teenagers.


Character name Welsh voice actor
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English Name Welsh Name Welsh Voice Actor
SpongeBob SquarePants Spynjbob Pantsgwâr
Patrick Star Padrig
Squidward Tentacles Sulwyn Serbwch
Mr. Krabs Mr. Cranci
Sandy Cheeks Tina Tywod
Plankton Al-gi
Larry the Lobster Cenwyn
Squilliam Fancyson Gwilym Gwellnaphawb
Pearl Krabs Perl Cranci

Location translations

English Name Welsh Name English Meaning
Bikini Bottom Pant y Bicini Literally meaning "the pants of the bikini"
The Krusty Krab Y Crancdy "Crancdy" is made from the word "cranc" (crab) and "dy" (house), so "the crab house"
The Chum Bucket Yr Abwydal-gi "Abwyd" means "bait". Al-gi being Plankton's name in the Welsh dub.

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